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Data Science


▣ Introduction


Goal of Education

Fostering data specialists on a world-class level


The Concept of Talent

Data Specialist possessing IT application ability and scientific analysis methodology based on liberal values

Creative data specialist creating new value in the field

Global innovative leader possessing international point of view


Data Science

Data science is an academic field that researches for a scientific and systematic approach for solving problem raised from all data ecosystems due to the explosive increase of data in the public, corporate, and private sector.

In the narrower sense, data science is an academic field that researches the scientific approach to develop valuable information by extracting general knowledge from data to create new value to the data extracted. .


Data Specialist

According to the Data Science Department of Syracuse University’s definition, a data specialist has to possess professional knowledge and technology such as data gathering, analyzing, designing and conserving for data sharing.

In a realistic perspective, a data specialist should become an expert of social data, academic research data, medical health data, big data, data curation, and UX(user experience) engineering.



▣ Need of Data Science


 Due to the explosive increase of data in the public, corporate, and private sector, a scientific and systematic approach for solving problems raised from data ecosystems is being demanded, causing an increase in demand for experts who can solve this problem (Harvard Business Review (Oct. 2012) - Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century / Meet the people who can coax treasure out of messy, unstructured data (by Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil).

In the world recently, there is unfair bias towards data (analysis) specialist. However, in Korea’s domestic university campuses, there is no department that fosters data specialists who can collect, analyze, manage and store the data. But in other countries, some colleges are establishing bachelor and master’s degree. In step with these trends, SKKU can lead data specialist education and research agenda to provide a data specialist education course curriculum.

In SKKU, it is more effective to make interdisciplinary program using available resources at the university rather than establishing a new department. We can especially expect an effect of enlarging employment opportunities and course diversity if data science is established in the Library and Information Science selected government enterprise. It is important to establish a new education course that can satisfy data specialist demand that is increasing rapidly and take the advantageous position in the global-market opportunity.



▣ Vision and Plan



Student-centered Open education

Establishing a double major education course according to Data Science

Establishing a nonsubject CI certificate program to internal and external student


Establishing platform of creative disciplinary education

Establishing disciplinary education model combining other departments that is relevant to Data Science to make various social field of application

Establishing disciplinary education model combining education with field experience in various areas


Implementation of Global education program

Constructing an education course which is based on education program know-how and educational resources of international i-school consortium

Operating an education program which can maximize exchangeability with overseas members of i-school, both professors and students




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